Quality as a distinctive sign

Best materials

Quality in the collections and quality in the materials used – this is not up for discussion, because Marzorati chooses only the best raw materials, just as it chooses the finest craftsmanship, starting with wood, which is carefully selected by the owners in person – they know all the hidden secrets. Since they were young, they have understood that the quality of their furnishings should not be left to opinion – rather it should be a certainty that sets them above the rest. Only by using the finest wood types, like the valuable olive ash briarwood and the walnut crotch with flamings that are never the same, can we create these fantastic furnishings. Tradition calls for naturally dried wood – at least five years will pass before becoming a Marzorati furniture piece.
A long journey starts with a simple step


It has been said that a long journey starts with a simple step – for Marzorati, an important step is that of choosing creative and experienced employees and partners. Those who work with us, aside from their role, are active participants in the company life – everyone knows that their work is a fundamental building block in the common growth of the company – our strength is the fruit of each individual contribution.
Inlays, crafting excellence


Inlaying is a bygone decorating technique for flat or curved surfaces of wooden objects and furnishings. For Marzorati, this workmanship is carried out by expert personnel who are able to create extraordinary chromatic patterns through the perfect combination of polychromatic wood types – just as it was yesteryear.
Carvings, past daily movements


This is an artistic technique in which decorations are made with notches and raised points on wood. For Marzorati, the surfaces of solid wood are manually crafted with the use of just a few tools and a great deal of passion, together with an in-depth understanding of artisan and artistic design.
Quality control, our guarantee

Quality Control

There is not a single product that is left unchecked by our qualified technicians, who are uncompromising and pure perfectionists. Each furniture piece, before lacquering, is carefully inspected in order to check for imperfections and guarantee the highest level of quality. After the finishing is done, and before packaging, the owners again check that the furniture piece meets all of the company’s quality standards. Because if a furnishing isn’t perfect, you can be sure that it won’t ever leave the company walls.
Artistic decor


The artistic décor that enriches the lacquered Marzorati furnishings come to life thanks to expert craftsmanship and are carried out freehand by personnel whose skills border on pure art.
Gold leaf, antique flavour

Gold leaf

There are furnishings that at first sight may seem similar to others, yet they hide differences that make them unique and one-of-a-kind. These are pieces that express all the art and exclusiveness of timeless things – for example these furnishings with gold leaf details, another sign of elegant craftsmanship that gives these furniture pieces that antique feel that only time can bestow.
Hands, irreplaceable tools


The skill of the art of Italian upholstery and manual skills breathe life into chairs, armchairs and sofas that create a scene-stealing effect for exclusive interiors, thanks to the vast choice of sophisticated fabrics and the finest leathers from our sample book. The art of workmanship and craftsmanship are clearly important values for our Company.
Nothing is left to chance


Particular attention and care is placed on the packaging that must “protect” the furnishings during the long trip from the company to the customer.
Marzorati’s experience over the years has led the Company to use sturdy packaging and shipping materials that protect our furnishings from any shock or damage.
Quality project, quality home

Project Design

The Company’s experience gained over more than fifty years represents the search for design aimed at the continuous creation of furnishing solutions with a classic and sophisticated style, where the utmost customization of your interiors is at the foundation of the project.
In addition to the furniture pieces designed for the living room and bedroom, Marzorati also creates custom furnishings, wainscoting, furnishings for entrance halls, upholstered furniture and occasional furniture with the same exclusive style that has made the Company truly one-of-a-kind, as shown by our work with Italian and international designers and architects.
This is a pathway that starts with the creation of project that meets your needs for elegance, practicality, and image – and then moves on to the customization and start-up of the worksite, all exclusively followed by our Company’s specialized personnel.