We make original design manufacturer (ODM) private-label wood furniture for design-led retail brands.

What is Marzorati's ODM white-label service?

We work directly with your company’s in-house designers and sourcing teams to implement design briefs.
We’re experienced in corporate processes and compliance, and we have an in-house architects, as well as skilled quality control staff experienced in product engineering, packaging and labelling.
Due to our mid-century expertise, we’re often the favoured choice for nuanced and demanding ODM briefs.


    Do you already have clear ideas for your design? Send us the project and let us know what style you prefer.

    You have thought a budget for your project? As you can imagine we have different finishes and materials.
    In the preliminary phase we will examine different solutions suited to your requests.
    We will surprise you with the possible design alternatives to make unique your project.

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