Sideboard 2 doors

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cm.: 120 x 55 x 100H


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    Fashion is the furniture collection for living, dining and sleeping areas designed for those who want to combine the elegance of luxury Italian furniture with the appeal of contemporary designer furniture.
    Between captivating geometries and sophisticated finishes, the furnishings of the Fashion collection give life to environments characterised by compositional balance and atmospheric cohesion.
    Luxury coexists with functionality, and pragmatic contemporary minimalism blends effortlessly with the quality of Made in Italy furniture, precious materials and sophisticated details.
    The luxury of the Fashion furniture collection can be found in the minimalistic aspects of its elements and in the perfect balance between the undisputed taste of classic Italian style and a strong contemporary personality.
    The designer furniture market is a sophisticated yet simple one offering classic touches in the details of the furniture decorations and the precious fabrics of the upholstery.
    Essential furnishing that is nevertheless capable of fully expressing the personality of those who choose it with precious and refined details.

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    3 reviews for Sideboard 2 doors

    1. Owen (verified owner)’s bespoke furniture allows me to create a truly personalized and exquisite living environment. It’s a reflection of my unique taste.

    2. Dominic (verified owner)

      I couldn’t be happier with the bespoke furniture I received from The quality and uniqueness are worth every penny.

    3. Ryker (verified owner)’s luxury furniture collection is a testament to their commitment to excellence. The bespoke pieces I bought are simply breathtaking.

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