Become a retailer
Become a retailer

Discover the advantages of entering into our sales and distribution network


Becoming an Official Marzorati Reseller means being able to make the difference in the interior style branch, offering your customers an excellent alternative to the traditional pure classical style, by giving them the possibility to distinguish themselves in originality, elegance, class and abundance in elaborated details and decorations. But it is not only the style of Marzorati which makes the difference: one of the strong points of our Company is the capability to meet the demands of customers from all over the world in a reasonable short time. This is possible because most of the collections are available on stock for an immediate delivery: this functional “slender product management system”, has been created to respect the very tight time schedules of the contemporary market. Moreover, entering in a global market requires a detailed knowledge of all the sales sectors, as well as a good understanding of every kind of final customer therein; for this reason, Marzorati gives continuous training to professionals and adapts a policy of one-to-one assistance. This allows a positive distinction and generates a climate of trust in the consumer, reinforcing day by day the credibility of a brand that since many years has obtained a special place in the exportation of the classical “Made in Italy” style.


In order to become part of the Marzorati team, you just need to send a short presentation of your activity, either existing or at startup, making sure to point out which Collections could be the most fruitful for the area where you want to operate. Once you have sent these communications, our commercial department will contact you and send you a proposal for your showroom.

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